Harlequin’s Winter Storage Stock-up

100 lbs of
100% Organic Produce
for $100!

A customizable, one time pick-up in Arlee or Missoula that can last you all winter!


Default Winter CSA Share
*Shares are always 100 lbs. – exact quantities of produce may vary from the stated amounts below

  • 20 lbs yellow storage onions
  • 5 lbs sweet onions
  • 10 lbs carrots
  • 6 lbs beets
  • 1 lb roasted red peppers
  • 23 lbs winter squash (5-6 squash)
  • 6 lbs pie pumpkin (1 pumpkin)
  • 20 lbs of unwashed* mixed potatoes
  • 3 green cabbage
  • 7 oz Salad Mix *unwashed to prolong storage

Arlee Pick Up

October 30th 2020
Harlequin Produce’s Warehouse
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Deadline to sign-up:
Oct. 28th at 6pm

Customization Window: 
Oct. 19-28th (closing at 6pm)

Missoula Pick Up A

October 14th 2020
Greenough Park Pavillion
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Deadline to sign-up:
We’re full for 2020!

Customization Window: 
Oct. 3-11th (at 6pm)

Missoula Pick Up B

October 21st 2020
Greenough Park Pavillion
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Deadline to sign-up:
Oct. 12th but we’re filling up fast!

Customization Window: 
Oct. 12-18th (at 6pm)

Click HERE for customization instructions.

Be sure to bring 5-6 reusable bags to pack your share into.

CHOOSE what you want in your share

Don’t like onions, but love potatoes…you can change what comes in your share on-line!

If you are happy with the default share; members don’t have to do anything but show up on the selected drop date. Each drop has a window for customization,  members will receive an email with details on how to customize their share on the opening day of customization. There will be a minimum of $100.

There will also be several add-on options:
20 lbs Cabbage
5 lbs Shallots
5 lbs Red onions
25 lbs carrots
25 lbs beets
40 lbs squash
Bulk Kale
Bulk Green Bell Peppers
Roasted Peppers
and more…

Click here to purchase add-ons.  Please do not order add-ons that are marked summer add-on only. More add-ons will become available as we get closer to the drops.

CHOOSE to pay in full or pay a deposit and the remainder will be due at the time of pick-up.
By choosing to ‘pay by check’ you help us keep our credit card fees and produce prices down.

100 lbs to much?
Visit the farm for our Warehouse sale.

$1/lb on various storage veggies
Check back for 2021 dates coming soon!

Harlequin Produce’s Warehouse
72664 Heart View Ln Arlee MT
Located off Jocko Rd. 2 miles from Hwy 93
4:00 – 6:00 pm

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