Our Roots

Harlequin Produce offers distinctly colorful, seasonally flavored, organic produce to communities in the Missoula and Jocko Valleys. Combining age old techniques with modern technology, we focus on growing high value and high yielding crops in a manner that incorporates ecological principles, through the use of living mulches, conservation tillage, and on farm diversity. These methods offer you the peace of mind that our produce is healthy both for you and the earth from which it was grown.

In 2009 we settled at Common Grounds Farm in Arlee where Harlequin Organic Produce sprouted to life. Like a harlequin cloak our fields are checkered with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. We choose diverse varieties for colorful and vibrant crops full of the various nutrients you and your loved ones need. We hope to see you at the market, but until then, please peruse these pages to learn more about our certified organic growing practices, community supported agriculture (CSA), recipes and a little more about who we are and how to be in touch now and in the months to come.

Eat Well…Be Well,

Kaly Hess and Brian Wirak

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