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What is a Customizable CSA Farm Share?

A Customizable CSA Farm Share is a great way to learn the rhythms of seasonal produce and discover new, locally grown vegetables. A Farm Share can be thought of as an 20-week vegetable subscription with the “subscriber” receiving a weekly portion of the harvest. CSA Farm Shares help members learn to plan meals around what is seasonal and fresh rather than what is on the grocery store shelves. CSA’s are a great way to support your local farmer and by purchasing the season’s bounty up front, CSA members provide the farm with capital at the most crucial part of the season. We will honor this support by providing our CSA members with our finest produce at our best value. The shares will be harvested within 36 hours of delivery to maintain the maximum nutritional value and peak flavor.

The CSA season runs every Wednesday for 20 weeks, from the second week in June through the fourth week in October.  Each week the shares will be a balance of roots, cooking greens, onions, salad fixings, and seasonal vegetables. The cool weather of spring will grow more greens, brassicas, and root crops. As the summer warms, the share will deliver greater diversity and quantity of produce. Late season crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, melons, eggplant and onions will be abundant.

We grow over 30 different crops each year and we know you all have your favorites. Our primary goal is not to stretch your tastes but to provide you with those favorites. Harlequin’s Customizable CSA is unique because we give our members lots of ways to choose. You can choose what you’d like in your share each week, your share size, how you like to pay and where you pick up.

It’s a whole new way to shop for fresh, organic, local vegetables.

CHOOSE Your CSA Share Size
Large or Small

Large Share

The large share will average 6-9 items of produce in each box for a value of $26.50 per week.  This share has the most variety, larger quantities of single items (like salad & tomatoes), and is great for families or
those that love to cook!

Small Share

The small share will average 5-7 items of produce in each share for a value of $21 per week.  This share is great for members who have a smaller household, like to visit the Farmers’ Market or grow their own produce.

CHOOSE How You’d Like to Pay
Pay in Full or Pay per Week

Pay in Full

​Large Share – $530
Small Share – $420​

By choosing to purchase the season’s bounty in full, CSA members provide the farm with capital at the most crucial part of the season. When members pay in full by March 1st, they will receive an additional $10 of credit that can be used throughout the season to order extra vegetables online or to purchase produce at the farm.

With this option members can choose to put their share on hold during the summer with one week’s notice and will receive credit for the amount of the share in their account.

Payment can be by check or by credit card. A fee of 3% will be added to credit card transactions.

Pay Per Week

Large Share – $26.50 per week
​Small Share – $21.00 per week

Choosing the pay-per-week option gives members the flexibility to put their account on hold and not be charged. It also allows members to pay for their share in smaller increments. This is a great option for someone who is trying CSA for the first time and learning how to eat seasonally or travels a lot!

Members can hold their subscription or cancel it with one week’s notice at any time without being charged. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from their account every Sunday prior to that week’s share.

​A credit card on file is required. The card will be charged the weekly base amount + a 3% CC fee upon purchase and weekly recurring payment charges will begin Sunday after receiving your first share.

CHOOSE Your Pick-up Site

2024 pick-ups will be on WEDNESDAYS 6/12-10/23

  • Central Missoula (Private Residence) – Near Central & Hilda – 4:30-6:30pm
  • Big Sky Brewery – 5417 Trumpeter Way – 4:00-7:00pm
  • Record Heaven – 845 Ronan St – 4:30-6:30pm
  • South Missoula (Private Residence) – Near 39th & Paxson – 4:30-6:30pm
  • Greenough Park Pavilion – 1629 Monroe St – 4:30-6:30pm
  • Western Cider – 501 N California – 4:30-6:30pm
  • Pleasant View Park – NEW! Location TBD – 4:30-6:30
  • Harlequin Produce Warehouse – 72664 Heart View Lane Arlee – 4:00-7:00pm

​Drop times are subject to slight change and private residence addresses will be revealed when sign up is complete.

CHOOSE What You Like ​In Your Share

Once you’re signed up and the season begins, you will be able to customize your box of veggies online every week!

Customizable shares allow members to pick and choose from our bounty of fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables. Each week we’ll walk the fields and create a list of produce that is at its peak freshness and ready to be harvested. From that list, we will create a recommended share for you. If you are happy with it, just leave it as is and pick it up the following week at the drop site.

If you want something in particular, customizing is easy! Members can login to their account to adjust their share each week by Sunday evening. Veggies can be added, or removed with one-click. In other words, if you don’t want any beets, you can replace them with carrots or extra salad mix. If you need extra sweet corn for an upcoming cook-out, order more! Throughout the season we will also offer add-ons; larger quantities of veggies that are great for preserving, like pickling cucumbers, 20lbs of tomatoes, and boxes of squash.

Refer a Friend!

If you refer a friend we will add an additional $5 credit to your account.
Just ask them to enter your first and last name in the “how’d you hear about us question” when they sign up.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ Page and Policies Page, contact us at [email protected], call Bridger at 406-540-3603, or call Kaly at 406-459-7217.

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